Scottish Women's Downhill Development
Glentress Freeride - Sunday 14th October 2007


Well for all you girls who made it to Glentress Freeride route on Sunday I hope you were not disappointed!

From when we all met in the car park I remembered how much of a laugh it was to ride with the girls. Janet turned up to show off her new Commencal XC bike which was looking fab, and Lesley turned up in her new…(borrowed) Commencal Absolut, jumping like a kangaroo after her time at Canada.

As we headed up the hill ‘the chief’ turned up decidedly hungover (that’s Lynne for the people who don’t know her!) We were then joined by Katie to complete the set.

Playtime started soon after and I think we can all say that we all learned something.  From Lesley doing a one hander, to me learning that I had a bum like J-Lo (without the figure I must add) which just wouldn’t stick in and drags behind me like an anchor when I try to jump, as ‘the Chief’ shouted at me in her own ‘to the point way’ Ha Ha!  So the next time you see me and I’m walking like I’ve got a broom up my bum you know why!

The sun shone and I think I can speak for us all that great fun was had. So get yourself along to the next one.

Remember girls:

‘You don’t have to be a fanny to ride with us, you just need to have one!’

Thank you Lesley for that quote of the day!

Have fun and ride well,  Till next time…..

Shrek’s Missus


The Burds!





Lesley's One Hander



Lynne's No Footer