Howdy dudes!!!

Thats our first week in here and my god what a week!!

Weve managed to spend a small fortune on bikes, equipment and best of all, a set of wheels!! We are now the proud owners of a 7 seater Dodge caravan!! Its going to take us all over BC starting next week- can't wait!! We do however, have to take the BC driving test as we can only use our Uk driving licenses for 3 months here- we're taking the knowledge test next week, that'll be a laugh!!

Phil has bought a Devinci 8Flat8 downhill bike- very nice indeed!! For those of you who dont know anything about bikes- its a good yin!!

We'll send some photos when we can get a computer that lets us download them.

Anyhoo, we've been hanging about at Alexs house, helping her move house. We've also been sunburnt as we've had a few days of 20 degree sunshine(followed by some rain!!).

Next weekend is our first race on the sunshine coast, as a master too- cannae believe I'm that old!!

So thats the first email done- hope you are all well enjoy the beautiful Scottish climate- nya ha ha ha ha!!!

Later Dudes!!!

Lynne and Phil x