26 - 28 May 2006



We arrived up here on the Friday to the pishing rain, ahh no I hope this is not what it's going to like for the weekend. Went up to the event village to get my pass and met Kim who was competing in the 4x. She was pretty nervous and dare I say a wee bit over awed by the occasion, after my brilliant words of wisdom (not) I let her get on with her training. The course looks pretty greasy with the rain making it worse. From what I could see from the people coming down the downhill. the course is also pretty muddy.

Anyway the village is looking ace, saving the shopping for tomorrow. Off to the campsite to set up our digs for the weekend.

Friday night Calamity: As you may or may not know our club had two riders in the downhill, Wendy and Naomi………Well now it's only one! After training for weeks Wendy crashes coming into the 4x track and has separated her shoulder…..What a shame, so Naomi carries all our hopes for the weekend. Off to the pub where we meet Steve and Adele Peat and Nathan Rennie (enjoying the local brew!), now I'm star struck and pished…..a good night I say.

Saturday dawns and guess what it's wet!! Very wet and windy, crap! With the 4x finals not until 7.30ish we decided to head up to the event later on so as we are not hanging around for too long to see the 4x that night.

The event village is heaving when we arrive, the weather does not seem to have put many people off. What is a shame tho' is that it's difficult to see anyone or anything as all the areas have battened down the hatches to shield the riders from the wind and the rain.

News is that Naomi has qualified for the Semi Finals of the Downhill and Kim will be racing tonight in the 4x….go on the girls!

The 4x begins in the rain and finishes in the rain…bah! Unfortunately Kim fails to take advantage of a near fall in her race and finishes 3rd, not good enough to go on but she is still well chuffed as she should be..Jill Kinter takes the win!

Sunday and the big day is here!!

The weather is a bit better with the rain intermittent. After me spending all my money and dragging my better half round everywhere twice, and speaking to anyone, we decide to head up the hill to see the girls go off in the Semi Finals and then walk down the hill in time for the finals. At the top Naomi looks fresh and cool as a cucumber (although I'm sure she's crapping herself inside).

First off is Tracy Moseley just when the heavens opened and rain hail and snow fell at the start gate never mind what felt like a force 10 gale!! Anyway we waited to see Naomi off then we headed down.

I tell you what folks, when you see these guys tearing down this hill you realise how mental they are! WOW!

Just as we near the bottom we see Naomi all changed back into her civvies…..Ahhh two major crashes and she misses out on qualifying. What a shame. She is okay though so roll on next time. I think we all agree well done!

I managed to meet up with Wendy in the beer tent complete with sling. She's having a few beers (Ha!Ha!) drowning her sorrows. She was a bit gutted but was bearing up well. Her and Tally managed to blag their way into the media only section right at the finishing line to watch the final of the girls, and the sun was even shining - what a great time.

Well as you know by now our friend Tracy trounced the rest of the field and came over the line seconds in front of Rachel Atherton, to the sound of thunderous cheering, and that was just from us! Speaking to Tracy later she was well chuffed to take the win as she says "It's nice to be tested on a long course like Fort Bill" and one thing to remember girls when I asked her about the course which was mega wet especially in the woods her reply was "I just took it safe in the woods or where it was sketchy, there were some faster lines but they're risky and I didn't want to come off, so safe it was!" I couldn't agree more, that's why we have brakes, although I'm sure her safe and my safe are two completely different things!!!

Well that's it all for another year, next year is the biggy…the World Champs in September. So if you're free get your asses up there as it will be a super event. Well done to Rare Management for the organisation of this year's event I'm sure it will be a winner again in the awards.

Here's to the Worlds!!