Scottish Women's Downhill Development


Where do we ride?
  Ae Mostly natural technical terrain on the downhill course and then there's the fast, man-made shredder route for those who love to jump. Uplifts are arranged by Tally at Uplift Scotland, so give him a call on 07709144299 to book a place or visit his website (


Dunkeld - Perthshire - No uplift service anymore. Very steep, technical and rocky, but excellent fun to ride. used to be just one main track with a couple of options at the bottom, but Craig Philips and Co have cut a new track from the top, which is still steep and technical at the top, but then moves onto some flowing natural track at the bottom. Dunkeld isn't the best choice for beginners, but the new track is definitely the easier option.


Fort William

The only Scottish centre with a gondola service. It's a mix of man made and natural terrain, but predominantly man made. If you've never been before you can expect both you and your bike to take a bit of a beating, but don't let that put you off as it's great fun. The gondola runs from 10.45 am until 3.00 pm May to September. Check the weather report before you make the journey up there as the Gondola doesn't operate in high winds. No need to pre-book, just turn up on the day.



Still not being ridden a lot outside of races, but the new owners are keen to develop the surrounding tracks and get some easier trails put in. The main downhill track is a real challenge so if you're a beginner then simply don't bother and wait until the easier routes have been developed.



Located in County Durham about 3 hours drive from Glasgow. They've put a lot of hard work into creating an excellent 4x and some interesting downhill tracks. The tracks are fairly short by Scottish standards, but great fun with plenty to keep all abilities happy. There's everything from technical rock gardens to 20ft table tops and if you're not confident enough to do everything then there's always the option to roll them or take the chicken run. Although it's not exactly handy for most of us in Scotland, it's still well worth taking a trip down to see what all the fuss is about and we reckon we'll be back again before too long.



Innerleithen - Just outside Peebles. A great area with loads of natural and man made tracks to test all levels of biking. Great place to start out as it has some of the easiest tracks for beginners. Uplifts are available from Tally at Uplift Scotland.


Kinnoul Hill

Located at the top end of Perth. The local riders are in talks with the Forrestry to get the track back in place. The original man made jumps have been taken down for safety reasons, but they are in the process of re-building, so there should be a good track again for the next Robofest race in November.



We can usually be found mucking about on the freeride track every couple of weeks. It's a good place to start off jumping and pulling tricks. More fun on the hardtail bikes than big and bouncy.